Chanuka celebration


Oslo Jewish Museum, Calmeyers gate 15b, 0183 Oslo


14. Dec 2014, kl. 14.00


Free admission

Chanuka celebration

As always, the Oslo Jewish Museum celebrates Chanuka with a entertainment, candle lighting, latkes, and a big market.

The indoors activites start at 2pm:
* Lighting of the Chanuka candles with cantor Eli Zylbermann.
Why do we celebrate Chanuka, and what do we learn from eight miraculous candles? Ester Buchmann gives a musical and entertaining presentation of the Chanuka story.
* Dreidel games

Following the indoor activites, the Chanuka market opens, with a wine range of products for sale: candles, chanukiot, baked goods, jewelry, cards, books, toys, and much more.
And as usual, we serve homemade latkes (poteto pancakes) with jam and hot drinks!