European Day of Jewish Culture


Oslo Jewish Museum, Calmeyers gate 15b, 0183 Oslo


6. Sep 2015, kl. 14.00


Free entrance

PÅMELDING / 22 20 84 00

European Day of Jewish Culture

As every year, the Oslo Jewish Museum will celebrate the European Day of Jewish Culture on the first Sunday of September. This year, Maia Morgenstern from the State Jewish Theatre of Bucharest will give the lecture «The Great Characters of Universal Theatre Reflected in Yiddish Theatre».

Jewish theatre and shpiels have long traditions in Europe. In Norway, too, Yiddish theatre enjoyed great popularity among the Jewish minority. The Jewish theatre groups performed plays by Shakespeare and Tolstoy, as well as Jewish comedies.

The State Jewish Theatre in Romania is one of the few remaining Jewish theatre groups and stages in Europe. They have a large repertory of plays in Yiddish. Maia Morgenstern is an actress and the director of this theatre.

Morgenstern has had large roles on the stage and in international films, among them in Mel Gibson’s «The Passion of the Christ.» Maia Morgenstern has received awards both for her acting and for her important work with preserving the Yiddish theatre heritage at the State Jewish Museum.

The lecture is a part of the EEA project “Yidish far ale”, and is financed by EEA funds from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and other Polish grants. 

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