Artifact of the month for April

Die Pessach HAGGADAH
Julius Selikowitz (1898 – 1964)

Julius Martin Selikowitz was born in Christiania as one of ten children to Solomon David Selikowiz (1869-1940) and Cecilie, b. Rothenberg (1878-1961). Salomon David had come to Norway from Lithuania in 1895, and established a manufacture wares in Calmeyers gate 6 a few years later. When Salomon died in 1940, Julius took over as manager of the store. He married Esther, b. Levinson. In November 1942 Julius fled to Sweden with his family. Julius Selikowitz died in Oslo in 1964.

Haggadá shel Pesach (Hebrew הדגה של ספח) is the Jewish Passover story – a book that is read at the Seder table the 1st evenings of Pesach (the Passover). The Haggadá tells the story of how the Israelites left slavery in Egypt and became a free people in Israel.


Die Pessach HAGGADAH  has belonged to Julius Selikowitz and is a German version with Hebrew comments. Published in Vienna in 1936


Photograph: Julius Selikowitz in Stockholm, 1943