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Examination testimony
Kjell Dobkes (1923 – 1943)

Kjell Dobkes

Kjell Dobkes was born in Oslo on the 18th of February 1923 as one of two children to Rachel (b. Prusan) and Moses Dobkes. They were both born in Vilnius in 1888. Rachel had come to Norway as a factory worker in 1901. Moses, who had been principal at an elementary school in Vilnius, came to the country in 1921. Rachel and Moses ran the Fruit and Cigar store R. Prusan & Co in Rosenkrantz gate 16 in Oslo. Kjell grew up at Majorstua in Oslo. In 1942 he was in high school. On the 26th of October, he and his father Moses were arrested and imprisoned at Bredtveit. Two days later they were transferred to Berg prison camp outside of Tønsberg. On the 26th of November 1942 both were deported with the prison ship DS Donau to Stettin and from there to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Upon arrival Moses Dobkes was sent straight to the gas chamber. Kjell was taken out to work and sent to Golleschau, where he perished in March 1943.


The examination testimony from 1939 is a gift to the museum from Kjells sister, Lilly Neuburger, who died in 2011.