Artifact of the month for July

Letter of Recommendation

Jacob Bodd (1894 – 1943)

Id-kortJacob Bodd was born in the village of Zidikai in Lithuania in 1894. He grew up in Norway, but later traveled back to Lithuania to study to become a rabbi. In 1928 he married Kaja Klein from Trondheim. Together they had two children, Anna Rebecca (b. 1929) and Manja Malke (b. 1931). From 1932 to 1939 he was employed as a rabbi in the Israelite congregation (DIM) in Oslo. When DIM joined the Jewish community (DMT) in 1939, Jacob became cantor. Jacob Bodd, his wife and two children were all deported by the ship Donau on the 26th of November 1942. They arrived at Auschwitz on December 1. Kaja Bodd and daughters Anna and Manja were gassed upon arrival. Jacob Bodd died as camp prisoner in February 1943.

The letter of recommendation is dated February 21st 1932 in Kaunas, Lithuania, and written in Hebrew by M. Carcas, Mohel (person who performs ritual circumcision). It reads as follows: I hereby certify that Yacob Badad (Bodd) has studied the sacred act of Brit Mila with me. You can count on him to perform Brit Milah on all Israel’s children. He is an artist in his field.

Anbefalingsbrev 1932The letter of recommendation is a gift to the museum from Egil Bodd, Jacob Bodd’s grand-nephew.