Artifact of the month for March

Reading glasses with case

Esther Goldmann (1871-1949)


Esther Goldmann was born in Karlskrona, Sweden in 1871. Her parents were Salomon and Rakel Schatz. At the age of 19 she married Moses (Mauritz) Goldmann (b. 1855, Russia). He was given a merchant citizenship in Oslo in 1887 and opened his watchmaker business a few years later. At this time (in 1890) 136 Jews where living in Oslo (214 in the entire country). Esther and Moses had nine children, of whom three died at an early age. One of their daughters, Amely (b.1898) married Gabriel Plesansky. The couple had three children. During the attack on the Jews in the fall of 1942, Gabriel and the eldest child, Mauritz (b.1924), were arrested and deported. Both died in Auschwitz.

Moses Goldmann died in Oslo in 1923, Esther in 1949.

The reading glasses and their case are a gift to the museum from Steinar Plenby, Amely and Gabriel Plesansky’s youngest son.

                                               Bryllupet mellom Moses (Maurtitz) Goldmann og Esther (f. Schatz) den 3. desember 1889Bryllupet mellom Moses (Maurtitz) Goldmann og Esther (f. Schatz) den 3. desember 1889

The wedding of Moses (Mauritz) Goldmann and Esther (f. Schatz) on the third of December 1889.