Artifact of the month for September 2013

Atarah – decoration on the top of a prayer shawl

Sigmund Meieran (1920 – 2013)


Sigmund Meieran was born in Oslo in 1920. His parents, Moritz and Rosa Meieranovski was of Polish and Lithuanian descent, and emigrated to Norway in the early 1900’s. In 1940 Sigmund participated as a soldier in the Norwegian army during the German invasion (without any former military training). He later made it over to Canada and was trained as a navigator. In 1943 he was shot down over Holland, followed by 19 months as a prisoner of war in Germany.

When Sigmund eventually did return home, as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Norwegian Air Force, he found his father and mother, two brothers and a five year old niece had been deported and killed. Sigmund Meieran died in Los Angeles in February 2013.

Atarah (decoration on the top of a prayer shawl) in white silk with embroidered Hebrew letters.

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