Fire in Oslo Jewish Museum

Late Monday evening on the 16th of December there was an smoldering fire around the fuse box in the museum. The fire, which was concentrated in a small area, was quickly extinguished. No one was injured. However, the fumes developed by the fire, had major consequences for the building. The entire museum venue was covered by a layer of soot, and must be cleaned and restored again. Thankfully none of the artifacts displayed in the museum suffered any damage.

Exhibitions: “The Jewish year – For Everything there is a Season” and “Remember us unto life – Jews in Norway 1940-45” will both be taken down and put up again as quickly as possible. The extent of the damage to exhibitions is continuously assessed. They will either be cleaned or produced again.

The original wall decorations from the former synagogue have been severely damaged. The decorations were discovered in 2005 and restored by Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research. It will be necessary to restore these beautiful murals again.

We have to cancel planned cultural events and will be unable to receive visitors for a period. The museum will be closed for a few months during the restoration work, but we hope to make use of parts of the premises as quickly as possible.

This was an extremely tough start to the year 2014. We are now working as best we can to fix the damage and have the museum up and running again. At the same time we are working on our new outdoor exhibit, which will open as planned in May.