Museum Publication

The booklet “What happened in Norway? Shoah and the Norwegian Jews” has been published by the Oslo Jewish Museum to provide a glimpse into the situation of the Jewish population in Norway during the German occupation from 1940 to 1945.

  • What actions did the occupying powers take in Norway?
  • How much did people here know about what was taking place elsewhere in Europe
  • Were Jews in Norway at liberty to leave?
  • How did the Jews themselves view the situation?

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The texts and photographs in this booklet have been taken from, or are related to, the exhibition “Remember us unto life – Jews in Norway 1940-45”
which is currently on display at the Oslo Jewish Museum.

The booklet is 48 pages long, and available for sale for 60 NOK in the museum store.
It can also be shipped. Send an email to vidar.alne.paulsen(at)
Additional shipping charges will apply.

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