New Memorial Cobblestones in Oslo

For the fourth year in a row, Oslo Jewish Museum and Gunter Demnig are placing new memorial cobble stones in memory of Jewish victims of the Holocaust in Norway.

In 1993 the German artist Gunter Demnig started the project «Stolpersteine» (memorial cobblestones) in Germany. The cobblestones are meant to be memorials, but can also be viewed as art in the public space. A cobblestone (10 x 10 x 10 cm) with a memorial plaque in brass is set in the sidewalk at locations where Jews and other Nazi victims lived until they were deported and killed.

The cobblestones make you wonder. The passers-by who discover the stones become aware of the fact that the Holocaust also took place exactly where they are standing – in their own neighborhood. This way the stones also have a clear pedagogical effect; they alert those who happen to look down when passing by.

After its conception, the project has been transferred from Germany to other countries. Working with the German author and journalist Raimund Wolfert, the Oslo Jewish Museum in 2010 arranged for it to be transferred to Norway. Since then, new stones have been set every summer.

New stones in 2013 – August 18-21

Stolpersteine for the following victims will be placed in Oslo Monday 19th of August:

Kl. 09.00 Dunkers gate. 4 Håkon Laksov
Kl. 09.45 Holbergs plass 7 Simon Davidsen
Kl. 10.15 Colletts gate. 10 Mijam Oster, Ida Oster
Kl. 11.00 Bjerregaards gate. 41 Bernhard Johnny Gordon, Edith Betty Gordon, Ahren (Arne) Gordon, Doris Gordon, Leopold (Leo) Gordon
Kl. 12.00 Bjerregaards gate 29 Meier Bjørn Lewenstein, Heiman Josef Lewenstein, Benjamin Lewenstein, Sara Clara Lewenstein, Salomon Lewenstein

There will be a ceremony at Bjerregaards gate 29 following the placing of the last stones, including a speech and singing of El Male Rachamim.

Stoplersteine will be placed in Stavanger on August 18, in Elverum on August 19, in Mosjøen on August 20, and in Trondheim on August 21.

Read more about Gunter Demnigs procject here.

Press on the map to see where all the memorial cobblestones in Norway are located.

View Snublestener i Norge in a larger map

Read more about Gunter Demnigs procject here.

Press on the map to see where all the memorial cobblestones in Norway are located. 

View Snublestener i Norge in a larger map