Summer Exhibition in Oslo Jewish Museum

This summer Oslo Jewish Museum will show an exhibition called «People of the Book».
The books displayed in the exhibition have been carefully selected from our collection.
Bilde brukt i annonsen

                                         The Sanhedrin Tractate from the Babylonian Talmud     

The books have been owned and used by Jewish immigrants to Norway, and give an insight into Norwegian-Jewish life and history before World War II.

This exhibition presents books used in the synagogue – for prayer, during the service and for studies, and gives us a glimpse into the lives of those who owned, read or wrote the books.

The second part of the exhibition contains secular books, and show the wide range of literature enjoyed in Jewish homes in Norway. Among the displayed books are authors like Hamsun and Ibsen translated into Yiddish, I.J. Singer translated into Norwegian and the Constitution of Norway in Hebrew, translated by Rabbi Meyer Aschkanaze in 1904.

«People of the Book» opens on June 20th and runs until August 29th.


                           Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People translated into Yiddish