Jewish Filmclub: Forever Yours


Oslo Jewish Museum, Calmeyers gate 15b, 0183 Oslo


24. Feb 2015, kl. 18.00


Free admission

Jewish Filmclub: Forever Yours

In Forever Yours, director Monica Csango slowly unravels the well-kept family secret surrounding her Hungarian grandfather. Whatever it takes, she wants to find out what happened to the handsome man she only knows from old film footage and photographs. Although her strong-willed grandmother speaks about him with affection, confrontational interviews and archival footage show Monica that something more is going on. Ferenc Csango was sent to work in Russia during World War II and supposedly died there. But after conversations with her grandmother and father, who never knew his own father, the director reaches the conclusion that her grandfather probably did not die there at all. It so happened that shortly after the war, someone opened a store in Bombay that was almost a carbon copy of the deluxe store in leather goods that her grandfather used to run in Budapest. With her grandmother shrouding herself in mystery and little help from her father, Csango travels to India to get to the bottom of things.

Monica Csango won the Amanda Prize for Best Documentary in 2006. The film has won prestigious prizes abroad and been shown at several international film festivals. Csango will attend the screening and introduce the film.
Subtitles in English and Norwegian.

Csango avlangt portrett

Director Monica Csango