“Remember us unto life – Jews in Norway 1940-45”

On November 26, 2012, 70 years had passed  since 532 Jews from Norway were deported to Stettin on the vessel Donau and then sent on to the death camp Auschwitz. All in all 772 Jews were deported from Norway. Marking this event Oslo Jewish Museum opened a large, new exhibition which takes as its starting point Jewish life in Norway before the disaster hit. The background, lives, and fate of those murdered are shown through family histories, individual stories, choice artifacts and photographs. The exhibition also covers those who managed to flee the country – and some of those who, risking their own lives, helped supply cover and flight. The process leading up to the deportations is shown in a separate part of the exhibition.
The exhibition is provided in Norwegian and English, and is supported by Fritt Ord, Kulturrådet and the Friends of the Museum.

Fritt OrdKulturrådet