Yiddish theatre coming to Oslo


Bondeungdomslaget's stage, BUL, Bøndernes hus, Rosenkrantz gate 8


5. Sep 2015, kl. 19.30


NOK 300


www.nynorskenshus.no / 23 21 41 60 / at the door

Yiddish theatre coming to Oslo

The State Jewish Theatre of Bucharest visits Oslo with the play «Der yidisher King Lear» by Jacob Gordin.

Before the Second World War, Yiddish theatre was an important part of Norwegian Jewish life and culture. «Der yidisher King Lear» was one of the favourite groups of the Jewish theatre groups in Norway. This fall, the Jewish Museum will bring this popular play from the Yiddish theatre tradition back to Oslo. It will be performed on the stage that was frequently used by the Norwegian Jewish theatre groups in the 1930s.

The play will be performed for one night only – don’t miss it!

The performance will be in Yiddish.

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